We are Herne Bay Musical Theatre Society


Herne Bay Musical Theatre Society currently performs two shows per year, using the kings hall, the arden theatre faversham and our own premises at arkley studio. 

We are a friendly and inclusive society who ENJOY EACH OTHER'S COMPANY AND HAVING A GREAT DEAL OF FUN whilst WORKING TOWARDS putting on a spectacular performance. 


it is our goal to create a warm and friendly environment, working as a group of musical theatre enthusiasts. If you love to either sing, dance, act or be involved musically, then why not join us?


we are also looking for interested people for whom appearing on stage is maybe not for them but would still like to be involved. if you would like to help with set building, painting, costume making, programme selling or even making the REHEARSAL teaS, we would be very happy to hear from you


Chairman - Nick Bosworth

Secretary - Linda McCann 

Treasurer - Sue Halfpenny

Committee members

Tracy Bosworth

Sue Luckhurst